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December 2017

Thanks for your interest in my work!  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Over the next few months I will be working on my first commission, premiering my largest installation to date, and continuing my journey towards becoming a competent woodworker.  

Skeleton Rock

I was approached by a friend about making a large skeleton that his band, Fantomen, could use at their shows.  Obviously I said yes because who doesn't want to make a giant skeleton!  We decided on just making the top half of the skeleton as well as making the skeleton modular.  For smaller venues just the head and arms could be used while larger venues would allow for the entire skeleton.  At ten feet tall and around twenty feet wide this will be a nice addition to any band that plays skeleton rock.  Hopefully they go for my idea of putting the drummer inside the ribcage :) 

I plan on having the first stage of the skeleton completed by the 26th and the entire project finished by late March.



The commission will pay the bills but my main focus over the next three months will to complete my largest installation to date.  Polyfil'd - an immersive dreamscape comprised of towering wind reactive flowers and ambient music.  The installation will be premiered in Statesboro Georgia as part of the annual Root Signals Electronic Music Festival and will be displayed February 19th through 24th. 

As of today, December 20th, Polyfil'd was officially accepted as part of the 2018 ArtFields art competition.  First place is $50,000.  No pressure, right?

full. panic. mode. engaged.   

A bit more about the installation. There are two types of flowers: dandelions and lilies.  The first is modeled after a dandelion (see picture above).  These flowers are solar powered and play their part when enough sensors are reacting to the wind.  The second flower is a cross between a lily and a wind turbine (pictures with the next update). These flowers are completely dependent upon the wind to create their music.  Metal tines around the stem of the flower are plucked when the pod is rotating. 

The current plan calls for twelve flowers, six dandelions and six lilies.  Each flower will have a unique musical component which together will make one piece.  However, the chances of hearing all the parts at once is extremely unlikely.  This will allow a unique audiovisual experience each time someone is interacting with the installation. 

Not too much to say on the wood working front other than I should have a regular client, starting in January, who will be buying my hand carved spoons and other kitchenware!  

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a nice holiday and good new year!



eddie farr