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February 2018

Hi all

It's been a while!  Lots of late nights and early mornings but the flowers are almost ready for the premiere in Statesboro.  Which is good since that is happening in nine days!!

I currently have six flowers finished.  The original dandelion and five new fluffier ones.  For now I am holding off on making the lilies since my location for artfields is not large enough to hold both types of flowers. 

New dandelions

The five new dandelions!  Fun fact.  It took 40 pool noodles to make the tops for these.  I was able to get on average 14 smaller pieces per noodle so around 560 pool noodle pieces.

The final design will feature solar panels mounted on top of each flower and two speaker pods below the bulb. 

Still working on an acceptable base design.  

Huge thanks to my friend Ilene for the quality photos and for helping with other aspects of the project! 


Making the stems

Stems on bases.  My studio has been very cramped.

The bulbs.  These are cold bent so they need to be bolted in place to keep their shape. 


Painted stems and bulbs.  

Cutting noodles

I used a hot knife to cut the noodles to size.  These ended up being too thick so I had to recut them with a better hot knife.  It's pretty satisfying to cut foam though so no complaints from me!


After I cut up the noodles I zip tied them back together... 

All about that base

(why do I know these things?)

Painted base parts in my backyard.  Still working out how to set these up. 


Photo shoot

Photos were taken on the dovetail at The Goat Farm Arts Center.  We had nice weather this time!

The Circuit

It's a simple design. One microcontroller, one mp3 module, one photoresistor, and one reed switch.   There are two power sources, solar and battery.  The solar power will be used for the mp3 module and a dedicated 2032 coin cell battery will be used for the Attiny85 microcontroller.  

The short –The Attiny85 tells an mp3 module to play when the wind is blowing and it is daytime.

The long – The Attiny85 is on a sleep cycle.  Every 8 seconds it "wakes up" and check two parameters, is it daytime, and is it windy. 

To check if it is day a photoresistor is used, if it is light enough outside we check the next condition otherwise go back to sleep.  This first condition is used to make sure we're not blasting music at 2am and having the cops called on us. πŸŒ·πŸŽΆπŸš” It also helps to conserve power through the night.

To check if it's windy I'm using a reed switch.  Essentially if the wind is strong enough to blow a magnet close enough to the switch then a signal is sent to the mp3 module to play it's part of the piece.  In this case low tech also makes it energy efficient.  

Check out the code here if you're interested in what is going on. 


I have 50 speakers that I'm planning to use in the flowers.  Eight per flower so actually 48, but there was a price break at 50!  If you're looking for audio components checkout parts express. I'm starting the speaker pods today (2/12/2018) and should have everything done by this Friday. 

That was a long one.  Thanks for reading! 

(oh yeah I turned 30 yesterday, good times!)

eddie farr