Creative Solutions


January 2018

Hi all

I hope everyone had a good holiday and new year, I know I did!    


My goal this month is to finish all of the dandelions, finalize the solar circuit, and setup a flower for a week in its "natural" environment.  I am also working on a new base for the adult dandelions that will show stages of the dandelions lifecycle. 

So far I have finished the first batch of child dandelions, for the new base and have started prototyping solar circuits! 



PVC becomes malleable at 176º F and water boils at 212º F.  This means with a large enough pot you can turn a straight piece of pvc into a cool flower shape! 


Batch One

The first batch of child dandelions!  



The first batch primed and painted.  I'm still looking for a clear weather finisher.  If you have any suggestions shoot me an email!


Electrical 1 Eddie 0

This is my first attempt at making a diy solar panel.  Not to go too far down the rabbit hole but I need a 6V 300 mA panel to charge the battery for the audio player.  You can buy a panel that  meets those requirements but they are pricey.  This attempt did not meet the 600 mA requirement

I ordered some 3V 180 mA panels and will be working on the next iteration this weekend.

Another update in a few weeks.  Thanks for reading! 



eddie farr