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March 2018


Hi all

Statesboro has been conquered.  Website is coming back.  Onward to Artfields.


Solar panel on top of flower. 

Matt helping load the truck. 


Setting up.  It was at this point I realized that 12 feet might be a little too short.

Almost done setting up.

I did not really have special parking.


Waterproof case.  You can see the lipo battery!

(It is the blue object in the case.)

The sunburn was real. 

Done with setup! 

As always Roots Signals was a blast.  I got to catch up with some acquaintances and old friends (like it's been a decade since we met old), made some new friends, and layed down some plans for the second Atlanterium festival (coming to an Atlanta and Birmingham near you this September).



The plan for Artfields is to make a whimsical scene in my alley... uh space.  In the past year I learned that making a scale model is beneficial for keeping your sanity and bank account healthy. 

Wood you kindly

I have not mentioned my journey into wood working in a while.  Here are some photos of what I've been up to. 


This weekend is my final furniture building class.  We are building a side table! Photos to come in the next update.  I have also drawn up some plans for a small coffee table and will be tackling that in April. 

Open Studio

If you are in the Atlanta area there is an open studio event at The Goat Farm Arts Center March 23 ( 4 - 9 PM) and March 24 (12 - 6 PM).  My studio is located in the hunger games tunnel in the TR building.  I am all the way in the back in TR-8.  I will have some charcuterie/cutting boards and spoons for sale.  There is a 23% chance I will have some small flower sculptures.  That is a hard 23% though.  I will also have some wine and beer (bear if you are from southern) if you want come hangout for a few.  

The Future - a cryptic list

German cassettes 

Electromagnetic Ice 

Motorized Cloth

Banjo Blues


Modern 80's

Skeleton Rock

something something grandma something something mole rat

see ya!

eddie farr